ISO 26000 is a global  voluntary guidance standard on social responsibility that attempts to consolidate the fundamental expectations of organizations regarding their responsibilities to society.

ISO 26000 was developed by thousands of contributors and reviewers from more than 90 countries

ISO 26000 addresses the wide landscape of social responsibility and provides valuable context for implementation in all types of organizations around the world.

ISO 26000 has seven core subjects and provides information on scope, relationship to social responsibility, related principles and considerations, and related actions and expectations.

ISO 26000 provides guidance for integrating social responsibility throughout the organization which is fundamentally transformative.

ISO 26000 helps us connect the dots between social responsibility and quality, procurement, health and safety, communications, and many other functions, in turn strengthening each one.

ISO 26000 related standards that focus on one aspect of social responsibility, include the Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (for public disclosure), AccountAbility 1000 series (for assurance), and ISO 14001 (for environmental management)

ISO 26000 related initiatives include the United Nations Global Compact, Equator Principles, and Millennium Development Goals, which provide far-reaching aspirations but little implementation guidance.

ISO 26000 provides guidance that can be applied by any type of organization at any point along the social responsibility journey. We believe ISO 26000 can be a catalyst for significant change in many organizations.


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